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Zlide Tank

The original Zenith tank by Innokin, also the result of a collaboration, with Phil Busardo, was designed to be super simple to use, but this simplicity was reflected in the design and it did look a bit basic. The Innokin Zlide, in comparison, looks sleeker, with a large open window to view e-liquid levels and a subtle curve on the bottom of the drip tip for a more sophisticated look.

The Zlide tank can also be found as part of the Coolfire Z50 Zlide

Kroma-R Zlideand Adept Zlide kits.

Innokin Zlide Coils

The Innokin Zlide Tank comes with two coils, but is also compatible with all Zenith Coils. The 0.48 ohm coil is built with Innokin’s plex3d mesh coil. Mesh coils utilise a interlinking metal to maximise the surface area of the coil, allowing for more consistent flavour and vapour as well as an improved coil life. For more information, see our guide to mesh coils.

The 1.6 ohm coil is designed for use at lower wattage and offers a cooler vape more suitable for mouth to lung vaping.

Simple Coil Replacement

The Innokin Zlide also comes with one of our favourite coil features - the ability to change the coil without having to open the whole tank and risk spilling e-liquid. This features allows you to replace the coil by simply screwing out the old coil and screwing in a new coils.

Easy Refilling

The Zlide comes with easy top filling. Simply remove the top cap and slide the top of the tank to the side to open the filling port.

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